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Air force DSSC recruitment application form

Air force (naf) dssc 2022/2023 recruitment form

Nigerian air force (naf) DSSC 2023 recruitment application form

The Nigerian air force (naf) has released the application form for 2023 recruitment in to the direct short service commission (DSSC), interested applicants should read through this post for all the guidelines and requirements.

The NAF DSSC recruitment is a type of recruitment by the Nigerian air force in which degree and HND holders are given chance to join the air force job with their A level qualifications.

After the online application, the naf dssc recruitment applicants will later be invited to the naf dssc exam which most be passed before a person proceed to the next step of the Nigerian air force dssc recruitment exercise.

You can download the Air force (naf) dssc exam past questions and answers book here after you applied so that you will start your preparation before its too late.

Air force dssc exam past questions and answers pdf


1. Nationality: Applicants of the naf dssc recruitment must be Nigerian citizens by birth, and possess national identity card/NIN or BVN.

2. Age: Applicants must be between the ages of 20 and 30 years by 14 October 2023 (25 – 40 years for Medical Consultants).

Please note the following:

A. Candidates born before 13 October 1993 are not eligible, while candidates born before 13 October 1983 are not eligible for medical consultants.

b. The NAF DSSC recruitment Exercise is not for serving personnel desiring Branch Commission. Therefore, personnel above 30 years of age (born before 13 October 1993) are not to apply.

3. Marital Status: All applicants must be single.

4. Height: Minimum height is 1.66 meters for males and 1.63 meters for females.

5. Medical Fitness: Air force dssc applicants must be medically fit and meet the Nigerian Air Force medical and employment standards.

6. Local Government Area Attestation Form: Applicants’ Local Government Area Attestation Form must be signed by a military officer from the same State as the applicants not below the rank of Wing Commander in the Nigerian Air Force or equivalent in the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Navy or a Police Officer of the rank of Assistant Commissioner and above, or Local Government Area Chairmen/Secretaries and Magistrates from the Local Government Area of the applicants, Registrar, DVC, Provost of applicant Institute. The Local Government Area Attestation Form must be accompanied by the passport photograph and photocopy of the signees’ Drivers license or National ID Card or International Passport. The signee is also to authenticate behind the applicants’ passport photograph.

7. Letter of Attestation of Good Character. A separate Letter of Attestation of Good Character is required of every candidates. The letter could be attest and authenticated by the same signee in Paragraph 6 above or any eligible personality from different state but of equal status of the aforementioned. Candidates are to print out the Letter of Attestation of Good Character form and forward same for the signee to fill and signed accordingly with his/her official stamp and other means of identification documents such as Drivers’ License, International Passport, National Identity Card and Voters Card.

8. Presentation of original credentials: NAF DSSC Successful applicants are required to submit their original credentials for scrutiny at the Selection Board Interview Exercise. The credentials include the following:

A. Eight recent passport size photographs to be stamped and countersigned by the officer of appropriate rank as specified in Paragraph 6.

b. Original and Photocopy of Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age.

c. Original and Photocopy of Educational/Professional Certificates.

d. Original and Photocopy of Indigene ship Certificate from applicant’s Local Government/State of Origin.

e. Original and Photocopy of Attestation of Good Character signed by Officer of appropriate rank as specified in Paragraph 6.

9. Any applicant suspected to have impersonated or submitted false document(s) shall be disqualified from the Selection Exercise. Also, any false declaration detected later may lead to withdrawal from training. Such applicants will be handed over to the Nigeria Police for prosecution. The Nigerian Air Force will not entertain any enquiries in respect of applicants whose applications have been rejected. Naf dssc recruitment interested applicants are to note that the online registration is FREE OF CHARGE. Applicants are required to fill in valid email addresses and telephone numbers in the appropriate spaces provided in the Application Form.

10. Completed Application Forms: On completion of the application forms, applicants must print out the under listed documents:

A. Acknowledgment Slip.
b. Attestation of Parent/Guardians Form.
c. Local Government Area Attestation Form.
d. Letter of Attestation of Good Character Form.

11. Invitation for Interview. Naf dssc Successful applicants would be invited for Screening Exercise through the NAF Recruitment Portal.



12. Air force (NAF) DSSC 2023 Interested applicants must possess a minimum of Second Class Upper Division for holders of the first degree and Upper Credit for HND holders. In addition, applicants must possess credit in English Language and Mathematics and degree course of study. Computer literacy will be an added advantage.

13. Applicants must possess NYSC Discharge Certificate or Letter of Exemption from NYSC at the time of applying for DSSC.

14. Applicants must possess certificates of full registration with their respective statutory professional bodies in Nigeria where applicable.

15. Requirements: Air force (naf) dssc 2022/2023 applicants are advised to carefully read the specific disciplines required below before filling the form:

a. Aircraft Engineering: HND/B.Eng/BSc Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Metallurgy and Material Technology, Automobile Engineering.

b. Armament Technology: HND/B.Eng Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, BSc Industrial Chemistry, BSc Chemistry, BSc Physics, HND/BSc Explosive Chemistry, BSc Biochemistry, BSc Rocket Science.

c. Communication, Information and Space Technology: BSc/MSc/M.Eng/B.Eng/HND Communication Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer & Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cyber Security, PGD Satellite Communication, PGD Satellite Ground Station Engineering, , PGD/BSc Geographic Information System, PGD/BSc Rockery, PGD/BSc Astronomy, PGD/BSc Space Engineering, PGD/BSc Aerospace Engineering, PGD/BSc Data Link Op/GCS Maintenance, Certified Cisco Networking Associate/H3C Eqpt. Possession of professional certificates such as CSDP, CSSLP, PHP Cert, CSS Zen Garden Cert, Java, Python , React, Node.js, CNDA, MCDBA, OCP, MCSA, CCNP, CCNA Security,CCNA Wireless, CCNP,CCNP Wireless, CCNP Security, Network+, MCSE, Security+, CPW, CPWA, CPWDV, CPWDS, CEH, ECSA, LPT, ECVP, ECSP. PGD and MSc would be added advantage.

d. Logistics: BSc/HND Economics, Purchasing and Supply, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, BSc Mathematics & Statistics, BSc Chemistry, BSC Biology. Possession of professional certificates such as CIPSM and CILT is required PGD and MSc would be added advantage.

e. Air Intelligence: BSc/HND Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Cartography Photogrammetry, Geography, Land Surveying, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science (Comitia A+ Ethical hacking and advantage), Cyber Security Analysts, Computer Engineering, Robotic Engineering, , Russian Language, Mandarin Language, Arabic Language, German Language, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Intelligence and Security Studies, Peace and Conflict Resolution, History.

f. Administration/Personal Service. BSc/HND Public Administration, Statistics.

g. Catering Services. BSc/HND Hotel and Catering, BSc/HND Hospitality Management, BSc/HND Dietician/Nutrition, BSc/HND Event Management, BSc/HND Food Science Technology.

h. Sports and Physical Education. BSc Physical and Health Education.

i. Air Provost: BSc Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, LLB, BL, (Lab Scientist).

j. Public Relations: B.A/BSc/HND Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relations.

k. Legal Services: LLB, BL.

l. Education: B.A( Ed)/B.Ed English, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Physics, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Chemistry, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Biology, B.Tech/BSc (Ed) Technical Education, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Hausa Language, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Yoruba Language, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Igbo Language, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed History, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Fine Art, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed French, B.A (Ed)/B.Ed Library Science, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Business Studies.

m. Chaplaincy: BSc/B.A/HND Theology Chaplain.

n. Imam: B.A Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, B.A Sharia Law.

o. Music: B.A Music Arts, B. Ed Music, A.A Creative Arts/Music, HND Music Technology, B.A/HND Performing Arts Music.

p. Account and Budget. BSc Accounting, Economics.

q. Medical Services. Must have specialist’s qualification or its equivalent (BSc/HND). Also must be fully registered by its specialist’s Council of Nigeria and possess a current practicing license in appropriate specialist areas:

(1) Medical Doctor. MBBS, MBchB or equivalent by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

(2) Radiographer. BSc in Medical Imaging Science or Radiography.

(3) Pharmacist. Must possess a B.Pharm degree.

(4) Medical Lab Scientist. Must possess either a BMLS or AIMLS.

(5) Clinical Psychologist. Must possess a MSc Clinical Psychology and BSc General and Applied Psychology.

(6) Health Information Management/Medical Records Officer. Must possess a BSc or HND Health Info Mgt/Health Records and Biostatistics.

(7) Physiotherapist. Must possess either B. Physiotherapy or BMR (Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation).

(8) Preventive Health/Hygiene Officer. Must possess either a BSc or HND in either Preventive Health or Hygiene offr.

(9) Dietician/Nutrition. B.Sc or HND Dietician/Nutrition.

(10) Dental Therapist/Technologist. BDS or its equivalent.

(11) Optometrist. BSc in Optometry or B.Optom.

(12) Biomedical Engineer. Must possess a BSc or HND in Biomedical Engineering.

(13) Nurses – B.Sc/RN and RM (Double Qualification). Must be registered and have a current practicing license from the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery Council.

r. Air Traffic Services. Must have specialist’s qualification or its equivalent (BSc/B.Tech/HND)

(1) Air Traffic Control. BSC/HND (Sciences) or Air Traffic Control Licence (NCAA).

(2) Meteorology. B.Tech Met, BSc/HND Geography, BSc/HND Physics.

(3) Fire. BSc/HND (Science and Social Sciences) or B.Engr (Civil Engineering. Fire Fighting/Rescue Cert is an added advantage.

s. Works and Services. BSc/HND Architecture, Building technologist, Quantity Surveyor, Land Surveyor, Urban and Regional Planning, Estate Surveyors and Values and Electrical Electronics.

t. Museum and Archives. BA History and BA Archeology/Anthropology.

14. Application Process is FREE OF CHARGE and no payment should be made at any point throughout the Exercise.

The application is online and free through the Nigerian air force (naf) website at;


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